32 Web-Browser Development Resource Tools

Literalmente un copy paste de 32 herramientas muy utiles para desarrolar en web, aunque nos vemos limitados a desarrollar en especifico para un explorador, pero hay muy bien material en la nota, quizas algo les sirva como a mi, salu2.

Opera Developer Tools

Opera Unite. Build applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript using Opera’s browser and tools. And because your development is part of the Opera browser, the applications you build are compatible with every web browser.

Opera Unite

Opera Unite

Dev.Opera. Opera’s hub for developers – read tips and articles about development on Opera, building extensions, learning HTML and CSS and much more.

n users; download the latest version of the Opera browser here and start developing for them.

Unite Libraries. The Opera libraries provide developers with all the current Opera APIs, widget generating tools and other markup tools to build and enhance your apps.

Opera Labs. Stay up to date with all the latest developments and products rolling out of Opera Labs headquarters.

Opera Widgets SDK. Download the Widgets SDK and build Opera widgets across multiple platforms and multiple devices.

Opera Devices SDK. Download the Devices SDK and develop custom browsers on the Presto rendering engine for specific devices from TVs, games consoles, media players, tablet PCs and more.



Internet Explorer Developer Tools

Microsoft Development Network (MSDN). The hub for developers interested in writing applications using Microsoft’s products.

Microsoft Development Network

Microsoft Development Network

CodePlex. Microsoft’s open source project hub – developers can use CodePlex to find open source software or create new open source apps and products to share.

MSDN Magazine. Stay current with all things development oriented with MSDN Magazine – articles with tips, tricks and advice on how to best develop within Internet Explorer and more.

MSDN Code Gallery. A useful code archive for developers to access and analyze when building their own projects in the Microsoft environment.

MSDN Library. An information source for developers using Microsoft tools – includes helpful how-to articles, sample code, technical articles about development on the web, in the cloud, for desktop and games.

MSDN Downloads. A place for developers to download the latest — and archived — Internet Explorer tools and versions.

IE Team Blog. A blog with posts from across the Internet Explorer team – read tips and articles about web development, mobile development, upcoming events and more.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. One of the most popular web browsers in the history of the web; download here and develop for its millions of users.

Chrome Developer Tools

The Chromium Projects. The source of all information about the ongoing development of open source Chrome browser and Google’s Chrome operating system.

The Chromium Projects

The Chromium Projects

Chromium For Developers. An informational resource for developers looking to learn about how Chromium works, how to participate in the development of the Chrome browser, testing space and development tips and tricks.

Chrome Developer Tools. A development environment for web apps and websites running in Google Chrome – debug, optimize and enhance your project with these tools.

Chrome Developer Dashboard. After you have built your new app, extension or theme, add it to the Chrome Web Store and offer it to the millions of Chrome users.

The Chromium Blog. The main source of news and developments from the Chrome team.

Google Chrome Browser. Download Google’s popular browser here.

Firefox Developer Tools

Firefox Project. Get involved and contribute to the enhancement and development of one of the most popular browsers on the web.

Firefox Project

Firefox Project

Mozilla Developer Network. A comprehensive hub for developers interested in building open source web apps, mobile apps, Firefox add-ons or anything else for Mozilla.

Mozilla Doc Center. A library of documents and tutorials for web developers – brush up on your understanding of various programming languages, learn how to build better apps and extensions for the web, mobile and more.

Mozilla Demo Studio. A place for developers to share, demonstrate and learn more about web technologies to become a better developer – inspect source code for all demo projects to see how they function and view dozens of demos of popular web effects.

Mozilla Firefox Browser. Download the open source browser used by millions if Internet users.

Safari Developer Tools

Safari Developer Program. Join Apple’s development program for Safari - developers will find tools and resources they need to create extensions that enhance and customize Apple’s Safari browser.

Safari Developer Program

Safari Developer Program

Safari Dev Center. A place for developers to learn about development on Safari - watch development tutorial videos, learn how to build extensions, coding best practices and more.

Safari Developer Library. A reference library for developers to find documents on apps, widgets and extensions for mobile and desktop Safari browsers, sample code, product-release notes and other development tools and guides.

Safari Developer Tools. A collection of tools — that come bundled with the Safari browser — for developers to modify, debug and optimize a website.

Apple’s Safari Browser. Download this popular browser that can be used on both Mac and PC.

WebKit Open Source Project

WebKit Open Source Project. An open source web browser engine that is at the core of Safari and in use by Google’s Chrome – download the latest nightly builds, build your own source code and create your own browser, submit patches for bugs and help extend the development of this open source project.

WebKit Open Source Project

WebKit Open Source Project

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